What Happens When You’re Told To Be Realistic

It can be so easy to let the negativity of others plant seeds of doubt in our minds. Even subtle comments like "be realistic" can make us question if we are just wasting time and effort in the pursuit of our goals.

Odds are the person who told you to be realistic was also told that at one point or another in their life. Those who doubt your big dreams usually once had big dreams of their own that were crushed by what might have seemed like 'harmless phrases."

You have to break that cycle--with your kids, your friends, your coworkers, YOURSELF. Don't ever let the words of someone else stop you from boldly pursuing the plan God has for your life and never be the voice that does that to another person. Speak words of positivity and encouragement to yourself and others daily.

Be the voice that says "be a dreamer." Be the person who makes people feel like they can do anything if they work hard enough and most importantly be that person for yourself.

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