Tuscaloosa fitness eats: Taco casa under 500 calories

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Taco Casa has been a staple in the city of Tuscaloosa since 1977. It is definitely a family favorite, we even celebrated my daughter's first birthday there. It was only fitting since "taco" was one of her first words!

It might not be a place that comes to mind when you think of cutting calories, but If you're like me and can't imagine your life without some of T-Town's best tacos, fear not. Check out this list of options under 500 calories.

Just a disclaimer, I contacted Taco Casa and they informed me they have not yet done a nutritional analysis of their food. All calories are approximate and based on similar restaurants. I will update this article if they ever do an analysis.


Chicken soft taco (150-250 est. Calories)

The chicken soft taco is my daughter's favorite and my go-to when cutting calories.

"Specially seasoned shredded white meat chicken, placed in a soft flour tortilla with fresh shredded lettuce, grated mild Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and diced red-ripe tomato. Your choice of our own Mild, Hot, Extra-hot sauce."

Bean burrito (250-350 est. calories)

Bonus tip: order a snack size for even less calories. The beans help make this one a more filling option.

"A simple and delicious flour tortilla with beans, cheese and your choice of sauce."

Chicken Tostada (200-300 est. calories)

Sometimes you want a little crunch, and this tostada hits the spot.

"A crispy flat corn tortilla covered with delicious hand selected pinto beans, topped with fresh lettuce, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, diced red-ripe tomato and your choice of our very own sauce."

Chili (200-300 est. calories)

In preparing for this article I ordered each item on this list and it was my first time trying the chili by itself. It did not disappoint and I can say it's some of the best chili I've ever eaten.

"An old time recipe made from scratch with our famous seasoned ground beef, hand-selected kidney beans, and painstakingly measured seasonings, simmered for hours and served up thick, rich, and meaty."

Frijoles (150-250 est. calories)

Another bean option to fill you up! I think the frijoles paired with a chicken soft taco make the perfect meal under 500 calories.

"Tasty, hand selected pinto beans soaked overnight and open-cooked and seasoned to perfection topped with mild cheddar cheese and your choice of sauce."

Eating out can be hard when you are trying to make better choices, but knowing your options ahead of time will help you stay on track. Knowledge is power, after all!

If you have any restaurants in Tuscaloosa that you would like for me to feature, let me know in the comments!

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