Tuscaloosa Fitness Eats: Milo's under 500 calories

Our Tuscaloosa Fitness Eats series is all about finding the best low calorie options at some of our favorite local spots. In this installment we will be featuring Milo's. Unfortunately Milo's was destroyed in the 2011 tornado, but 4 years later they returned bigger and better!

When dining at this popular fast-food chain, like most places, it is best to keep your order simple. Once you start adding additional ingredients, you're also going to add extra calories, fat, and sodium.

I have a bonus tip at the end so make sure to keep reading!

Below are the best options under 500 calories that Milo's has to offer:

Single Hamburger

(Est. Calories 364)

Milo's is best known for their hamburgers, and I have good news! Avoid the bacon and cheese and keep it a single and you can enjoy this burger guilt free.

Coming in at 184 calories, a regular fry is probably less calories than you imagined. A single burger and fry combo will put you at just over 500 calories (546).

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

(Est. Calories 347)

Everyone knows grilled chicken is the way to go when cutting calories. I will say that I have tried almost every fast food grilled chicken option in t-town and this one is definitely in my top favorites.

Calorie Counter Sandwich

(Est. Calories 290)

Need a fast and healthy breakfast? You're in luck. This sandwich is ham, egg, & cheese on multi-grain flatbread.

3 Chicken Tenders

(Est. Calories 330)

Chicken options are typically best when eating fast food, even when they're fried. Milo's tenders are some of the best, and the portion size is great, especially for the calories.


(Est. Calories 148)

Add slaw to any of the options above to make a complete meal with the lowest possible calories. Honestly, I'm not big on coleslaw, but it was pleasantly surprised with this one!

One Last Tip

Get the Milo's sauce. Sauces are notorious for being high in calories. Their honey mustard, ranch, and boom boom sauces are all over 200 calories each for just 1.5 ounces. But the Milo's signature sauce comes in at only 25 calories! That is far fewer calories and you still get a great tasting sauce.

What will you be ordering next time you hit up Milo's? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to send requests for future features!

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