Take Back Your Future And Bring Your Dream to Life

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What do you dream your future will be like? What's holding you back from bringing that dream to life?

One of the biggest things that can hold you back from becoming successful is your past. And not because of the bad choices you've made, but because you can't put those mistakes behind you and move forward. You must leave your past behind so that you can focus on your future. You must let the past die so that you may live fully and presently. You aren't letting go of your past because it is unimportant, you are letting go of your past because your future is MORE important. Each mistake in your past should be a learning experience that propels you forward. Take back your future, never give your past the power to keep you from moving forward.

In order to effect change, you must make a conscious effort to think about today and what today's choices mean for tomorrow. The reason you are probably stuck dwelling on your past in the first place is because those bad decisions affected your tomorrow, your today. If you begin to think future-mindedly it becomes easier to make good choices that will positively impact your success. God already has huge plans for us-- we just have to do our part, make good decisions, focus on what is ahead, and trust that His will be done.

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