Starting Your Home Gym: The Basics

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I am a big believer in home gyms, Don't get me wrong, gyms and studios are great--but they aren't an option for many people.

Home gyms are a great alternative. Your equipment needs will vary depending on your plan, fitness level, space and budget, but here are some great pieces of equipment that will check all the boxes for most people!

I’ve used my years of personal experience to compile a list that is cost effective, portable, and space-saving.

Resistance Bands:

This package comes with 5 bands in varying resistance, 2 removable handles, 2 door anchors, 2 ankle straps, and a carrying case.

Bands are a great tool to have because they are versatile. Essentially they are weights that are easily stored and handled. And when used with the next piece of equipment the possibilities are endless!

Exercise Bar:

This bar is awesome when combined with the resistance bands! With them you can do overhead presses, squats, curls, deadlifts and many more. The bar comes apart into two pieces making it easy to store and take with you.

Adjustable Dumbbells:

Free weights are a good basic piece of equipment to have in your home gym. Having both the resistance bands and the dumbbells will allow you to have some variety in your workouts.

I love these specific weights because they are adjustable, so you can choose your weight and aren't stuck with one size like with typical dumbbells.

Exercise Ball:

These balls have a multitude of uses in a home gym, You can use it for yoga and stretching, lay on it as a bench for presses, sit on it while doing curls, even perform planks on it! When not in use it can be deflated, making its easy to store. And it doesn't break the bank, always a bonus!

Foam Roller:

After workouts I always look forward to using my foam roller! They are wonderful for self-massage and stretching and if you don't have one yet it should definitely be on your list.

I have had my Grid Roller for several years and it is still in great shape! While there are other rollers out there that are cheaper I can attest to the performance of this one. I like the 3 zones it offers, simulating finger tips, fingers, and palms, and the hollow core not only adds to the durability but it's also handy to stuff other things inside of it in my bag or in the closet!

Suspension Training Straps:

It's no secret I am a fan of bodyweight exercises. They allow you to workout anywhere, anytime and can be modified to fit any fitness level.

Well these straps bring bodyweight exercises to the Next Level. Super portable, you can bring even bring them to the park for a nice outdoor workout! They can be used to make a bodyweight movement easier OR harder--how cool is that?! This set is a great alternative to the more popular, and more expensive, TRX.

Exercise Mat:

This mat is great for all your workouts and stretching sessions! Prevents you from slipping and sliding, keeps you off the floor and protects your back, head, knees and elbows from the hard floor. You can also set your weights on it, protecting your floors.


Don't have a gym membership or the time to go to one? Don't have the equipment or space? The pieces I listed above are a great start to anyone's gym. Did I miss something? What do you think would be another good basic piece of equipment? Let me know in the comments below.

Be on the lookout for a second post with great pieces you can add-on to your home gym!

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