Scheduling Workouts: Learning to Adapt Through the Chaos of Life

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Consistency is key when it comes to working out and reaching your goals, but it can be a struggle with all the responsibilities we are faced with daily.

It can even be difficult for those of us in the fitness industry to find time for our workouts, which is exactly why I decided to write this article.

I know how discouraging it can be to miss a work out and have it turn into a snowball effect, making it harder to get back on track.

I used to plan my day down to the minute. I knew exactly what I was going to do at virtually every moment of the day. It sounds great in theory, but if I slept through an alarm or something took longer than scheduled, I felt like a failure because it threw the rest of the day off.

What happens if the gym is closed because of a holiday, or it’s raining so you can’t go for a run, or you get called in early for work?

It has happened to all of us-- we have the best intentions but life gets in the way. We have to make our schedules with the chaos of life in mind. Scheduling workouts months in advance is not realistic.

Your schedule needs to be able to adapt to your ever-changing life. If your schedule is set in stone, you are more likely to miss a workout. Being flexible will help set you up for success.

1) Have a Backup Plan

It’s rare for me to visit the gym and have all the equipment open and available when I need it. You have to have alternative exercises ready in case, for example, the gym is full or a certain machine is broken.

Same goes for entire workouts—if it rains on the day you’re supposed to run or the gym closes early and you have to exercise at home, then you need a backup workout planned.

2) Be Creative

Gyms are designed to make our workouts easier. Everything that you could ever possibly need is there at your fingertips.

There may be days you can’t make it to the gym, like if your car breaks down or it’s a holiday. So you have to learn to get creative!

Workout at the park, take a jog through your neighborhood, anything that will keep you focused and on-track.

3) Always Be Ready to Go

Have a change of clothes and some tennis shoes near you at all the time. Keep it in your car, at the office, or at a friend’s house.

Any down time we have in our busy lives is precious. You don’t want your excuse for not working out to be that you didn’t have the right clothes or shoes with you.


Our lives are hectic, things happen that we can’t control. Your workout needs to be able to adapt to the chaos.

One of the best things we can do is to eliminate any excuses we could possibly make as to why we can’t workout. By using these three tips you can help get rid of some of the common excuses we find ourselves making.

Learning to be adaptive, creative, and prepared will help you become successful in the gym as well as in life.

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