Our First Child: The Next Level Family Has Grown By One...

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This is really the first post that I have made about my personal life. Most of my content has been on christian fitness motivation, so bare with me, this is a little bit out of my comfort zone.

It has been almost a month now since God blessed us with our beautiful daughter, Landry Kate. We still can't get over how perfect she is, I mean, just look at her!

Landry Kate came into this world a little early, but healthy! On January 15, 2019 at 3:55 PM, we received God's greatest blessing, weighing just 6 pounds at 20 inches long. We were pretty surprised at how incredibly tiny she was. Until that day, none of the Doctors or Ultrasound Technicians had given us any hint as to what her size was, and even then, the on-call Doctor over-guessed by 2 pounds that morning!

Before I continue, I’d like to stop and say how incredibly strong my wife is. She made giving birth look so easy, even though it is one of the most physically and mentally taxing experiences a woman can go through. Through it all she has inspired and motivated me to do more than I ever thought possible. Aside from my salvation, she has given me the greatest gift I have ever received, my daughter. In the words of Ryan Reynolds, "You made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential."

When Landry was born, I instantly wanted to be the best parent possible, to earn my "#1 Dad" mug. And from that moment, life has forever changed.

I feel as though there are times in our lives that we know will be ingrained in us for a lifetime, where you are completely present and you feel the magnitude of every single moment. During these times I realize that a lot of the things I think matter, simply don't. More and more I see that it is really the "little things" that matter most. Landry’s first few weeks have shown me this once again in life.

Currently knee deep in diaper changes and helping my wife run a marathon of feeding sessions. I can’t even imagine how I ever felt busy before. I’ve written this article over the last few weeks in between feedings, diaper changes, bath time and helping my wife recover. Now that this article is finished I know now that I can still do this. I can balance my new life and still go after my dreams. The best part is I now have a daughter that I get to enjoy it with.

Landry Kate, I pray that you will see me pursuing my passions and following the path God has set for my life and be inspired to do the same, no matter how impossible it may seem. Although I know His plans for you are mighty, His purpose for your life is far greater than I could even imagine myself. Most importantly, I pray that I am able to instill in you a deep sense of faith, and that because of that you always knows the unconditional love of your Heavenly Father and will accept Him as your Savior when the time comes. I know I will mess up, and probably often, at this parenting thing, but I hope you always know just how much I love and adore you and will forever be your biggest fan.

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