Is It Time To Try Something New?

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Pushing past your comfort zone to try something new can be very challenging. It is very easy to find yourself in a rut. You wake up at the same time, go to work at the same job, eat at the same restaurants, watch the same shows, do the same exercises..the list goes on. You get into a routine and rarely break from it, you find yourself stuck with little motivation. So ask yourself this, when was the last time you tried something for the first time?

According to Mayo Clinic expert Katherine Zeratsky, "trying new things leads to increased confidence and self-esteem. It reduces boredom and loneliness, and it's a major driver in personal growth."

Trying something new can sometimes be a be a big, life changing experience or it can be something as simple as visiting a new restaurant or reading a genre outside of your norm.

This can apply to all aspects of our lives--from our careers to our fitness journeys. If you feel stuck, make a change, try something new, something different.

If you're tired of your workout routine, try adding a fun class or working out with a friend. Does your job have you feeling like you're at a dead end? Take an educational course or go to a networking event in your area. Do something that will help to propel you forward. The more you try, the more confidence you will gain and that will translate into success--both professionally and personally.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in the early 1900s, once said, "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

What is something new you can allow yourself to experience this week that will help form you into who you are ultimately supposed to become?

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