How to Keep Resolutions: It's Time For Change

How to keep resolutions: its time for change
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Well guys, it's that time of the year again--where everyone makes their resolutions and declares this year will be the year they accomplish it all. Sadly, though, most people will give up on their plans before the ball even has time to drop in Times Square. This yearly cycle is destructive--it leaves us feeling like failures and holds us back from accomplishing our goals. Our intentions are good, to become better people, better parents or friends, to get healthier, stronger, or even to dominate our professions. These are all awesome goals--and completely attainable--but for some reason we seem to set ourselves up for failure when it comes to New Year's resolutions,

My theory--it's all about the preparation. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."

Ever heard this? I happen to believe it is absolutely true--especially when it comes to change, Change is scary and change is hard, so when you fail to make any preparations for change it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, leading to you giving up completely. We make these resolutions, these goals for the new year, but what we fail to do is prepare ourselves to accomplish them.

Say your resolution is to get healthy, it's now January 2nd and the real world is hitting hard. You rush to work and realize your schedule is tight for the day. The only thing close enough to get to are a few fast food restaurants, so you pick one and speed through your meal. The end of the day is here and you're exhausted from your busy first day back, so you decide to skip the gym today and head home to relax--after all, the gym will be there tomorrow right?

Being prepared would have completely changed your day. Prepping your meals ahead of time and making plans to meet someone at the gym to keep you accountable are two things that could have made a huge difference. One reason I think people fail to prepare for their resolutions is that they like the idea of change but the follow through is terrifying. Change really is a big deal--like I've already said, it can be scary and hard--but it's also a wonderful and necessary part of life. Change often leads to growth and success, but it isn't an easy road.

If you put yourself out there you could get rejected and end up heartbroken. If you decide to make a change it might not work out the way you planned--but what if it does? What if that one change is the catalyst you needed to propel you into the life God has designed for you? Your New Year's resolutions don't have to be a source of shame or disappointment any more. Decide what you want to accomplish this year and decide what you need to do to make it happen. It's time to not just make plans, but make preparations. This year, it's time for change, real change.

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