Christian Motivation to Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Many Christians lack the motivation needed to achieve their fitness goals, despite exercising and eating right being two of the best ways to show gratitude to God for His gift of our bodies.

Unfortunately, many people believe they don't have the time to take care of their health. But if we are truly honest with ourselves, we will realize that it isn't time that's the issue, it's our priorities. Let's be real, we all have time to fit in a binge watching Netflix session, so why don't we have time to nurture the only body we will ever be given here on Earth?

Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to get us through our workout or to encourage in our healthy eating habits. Here are some great quotes and verses that will help you make your health as high of a priority as God intended.

The spirit of the lord dwells with in each of us.

Just that image alone motivates me to want the best for my body. We take care of our homes where we live, so shouldn’t we take care of our body where the Holy Spirit dwells?

I think sometimes, we use being a Christian as an excuse to not take care of our bodies. We know God loves us no matter how we look, and we're above judging people by their physical appearance, so we believe it doesn't matter how we look. And, while this is true, it doesn't give us a free pass to do whatever we want with them.

I try to think of it as our bodies being on loan from God, and He will need them back one day. Don't you want to return it to God in the best condition possible?

"But the lord stood at my side and gave me strength" -2 timothy 4:17

When it begins to feel overwhelming, just remember who is beside you. Draw your strength from the Lord and He will give you exactly what you need to persevere and become the best version of yourself!

"If you are too lazy to plow don't expect a harvest." -Proverbs 20:4

"This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be a gain, not a loss - good not evil. Success, not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it." - Heartsill Wilson

You first have to sow in order to reap. You will not achieve health and wellness by sitting on the couch eating junk food all day, you have to put in the effort to be able to collect your reward!

Quit thinking of only the present and remember that the choices you make today are affecting your future health.

"Don't shine so that others can see you. shine so that through you, others can see him." C.S. Lewis

There is a fine line between being a light and putting on a show It’s a matter of the heart. Our goal in exercise should not be to improve the quality of our bodies so that other people will notice and admire us. Rather, the goal of exercising should be to improve our health.

In doing so we are able to shine our light by giving God the glory for our health. Our motives, hard work and success should all shine a light and point to God!

"Think of training like you would a tithe. Give back to God what He asks of you, but do it quietly, humbly, and not for show." Jimmy Pena

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