Beginner TRX Suspension Training Exercises

Modifying an exercise allows an individual to get the benefits of an exercise that otherwise they would not be able to complete. The TRX Suspension Training System is a great piece of equipment that makes modifying exercises easy. Here are some great TRX exercises modified for beginners:

TRX Assisted Crunch

The abdominal crunch is a staple in the fitness world. Even still, there are many people who cannot properly execute them. The TRX assisted crunch is a modified version for those who have difficulty with them. Check it out below:

TRX Assisted Squat

Body weight squats are a simple functional movement that almost anyone can do. But for some athletes with injuries or even older individuals squats can be much more difficult. When using the TRX while squatting it takes some of the weight off the legs, allowing for those who couldn’t normally squat to be able to.

Incline Push Up

Everyone knows the benefits of doing push-ups. But for a lot of people they can be quite hard. Incline push-ups are a great modification. Keep working at the incline push-ups and you will be able to complete a standard push-up in no time!

Modified Muscle Up

Muscle-ups are tough. Plain and simple. Even for some athletes it can be a struggle to get over the bar. A lot of the time trainers wil separate the movement into a pull-up and straight bar dip. But this modified version of the muscle up allows you to practice the transition between the two exercises.

Reverse Lunge

Reverse lunges are not necessarily a very difficult exercise but I have had many clients who don’t have the balance or strength to complete the exercise properly. Every time an athlete can’t do a reverse lunge I take them over to the TRX to do this modified version.

Other TRX Accessories:

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