5 Non-Traditional Bicep Exercises That Actually Work

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Doing the same exercises day in and day out can not only get boring, but it can also stall your progress if you aren't constantly adjusting your weight and or reps. In this article I’m going to outline 5 exercises that will mix up your workout routine and also help build more muscle. A lot of the exercises I have listed change the position of the arms, the direction and type of resistance from your traditional bicep curls, which in turn will challenge the muscles in different ways.

So let's take a look at 5 non-traditional bicep exercises that actually work..


This is by far the hardest and most challenging exercise on this list. It’s also the one that I think most people have probably never tried. It is a super versatile piece of equipment and TRX curls are just one example of how it can be used to mix up your workout!

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Eccentric exercises allow your muscles to stay at tension longer, thereby creating more muscle growth. Try this eccentric curl during your next workout if you want to see some serious gains!


Don’t have equipment or can't make it to the gym? That's no excuse not to get in a good bicep workout. Check out these simple doorway curls.


Out of all the exercises listed, this one most closely resembles a traditional bicep curl, but it is still a good way to change things up. Like eccentric curls, incline bench curls also put more tension on the biceps.


Where the traditional curl really lacks is the end portion of the exercise. What makes banded curls so great is that they are easier at the beginning and hardest at the end, opposite of the typical curl. If you are looking to add to or change up your bicep routine, these would be perfect because they compliment each other so well.

This article isn’t meant to say that traditional bicep curls aren’t good, in fact they are an excellent exercise. But it's always nice to have options so we don't get bored and so that we can challenge our bodies. If you give any of these a try let me know how you like them!

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