3 Things to Quit Doing Today to Take Your Life to the Next Level

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You often hear people tell you the things that you should do to be successful, but for this article I'm going to do the opposite. Here are three things you should quit doing now:

Stop Justifying

One of the biggest detriments to success is self-justification. It's much easier to make excuses for our bad decisions than to admit we're wrong, but doing this prohibits growth and change. You have to lose the habit of self-justification and learn to be more self-aware. Realize that we all make mistakes and begin to take responsibility for your choices rather than trying to justify them. This will allow you to experience growth which will contribute to your success.

Stop Dwelling

You can't focus on the road ahead if you're always looking in the rear view mirror. Many of you may be dwelling on your past, things may have happened that you wish you could change. It's okay to reflect on our past,in fact, it's the best way for us to learn. But when our reflection becomes an obsession that causes you to miss the opportunities you are given today, that's when it becomes a problem. Remember, you can only control what is in front of you.

Stop Complaining

How often do we blame everyone but ourselves for our problems? While there are things that are outside of our control no one else can determine the way we respond. The greatest power we hold when handling a difficult situation is simply our reaction. You can either be a victim or a fighter. Take responsibility for the things that are in your control and overcome the things that are not. Less words--more actions. Complaining is a complete time-waster and productivity killer. So if you have time to complain about it, then you definitely have time to do something about it.

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