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Join Pinterest Group Boards In Just 5 Easy Steps


This is a perfect way to not only join the best group boards for your niche but also get free exposure for your blog, website, business, product or service so let’s get started.

Please complete ALL 5 Steps for your group board request.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Find the board or boards you want to join below

Step 3:

Reshare 20 pins from the board(s) you want to join

Step 4:

Send us below the board(s) you want to join and remember to include your Pinterest URL.

Step 5 – Follow the Rules:

  • Repin a minimum 1 for 1.

  • For each Pin you post, be kind to your fellow pinners and share their pins too.

  • 20 pin limit per day.

  • No spam – it’s annoying to everyone!

  • G-Rated pins only – no nudity – no porn.

  • K eep it neat and clean.

  • Do not fill the board up with your daily limit all at once.

  • It’s cool to post affiliate linking pins ONLY if you disclose to other pinners. For example, #affiliate #promo or state the company/person offering product/course/service etc. (let us know if you have questions)

  • Unrelated pins will be removed and banned from the board

What happens next?

After you have filled out the form below and completed all four steps. We will review your Pinterest URL you provided to us, then you will receive an invite to join the Pinterest Group Board(s) you requested.  Turn around is typically within 72 hours.

We look forward to collaborating with you all! Thank you for your interest and happy pinning! 





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